"Healing is not about ‘finding’ the cure. 
     Healing is ‘realizing’ YOU are the cure!”

With Gods help ALL things are possible!

Welcome To...
True Healing Solutions!

Where we offer REAL solutions for optimal health and well-being. Crystal Sage, is the founder of True Healing Solutions. She is dedicated to empowering her clients with knowledge that will help them take responsibility for their own health. She offers... 

Personal Healing Sessions, Consultations, Health Coaching, Special Event Health Speaking,
Customized Nutritional Programs for Optimal Health, Her book: Heal Beneath The Surface (A Guide to Self-Healing),Workshops: Teach you how to become your own best healer." She shows you how to eliminate the cause of disease, so you can facilitate TRUE healing.

 Healing is life being transformed... it is the evolutionary process in action. Within all life forms lies the innate intelligence that makes healing possible. Personal responsibility and awareness are the catalysts, that ignite and allow this intelligence to transform. Are you ready to propel this awareness into action?


 I want everyone to know that you do NOT have to be a victim of chronic disease. The name of your disease does not matter, because ALL disease can be healed! I know this to be TRUE from first-hand experience. I healed myself using ONLY natural remedies and practices (WITHOUT drugs or surgery), of many named diseases, such as Chronic Fatigue Immune Disorder Syndrome (CFIDS), angina (heart pains), fibromyalgia, depression, addiction, severe allergies, hypoglycemia, and bowel cancer. How is that for a resume?! Now if I can heal all of that, so can you. You have the same innate healing ability. I have also helped many others to heal with great success for almost 20 years.  The only factors that separate those who still have chronic disease and those who have already healed themselves are: knowledge, belief, faith and the right actions. You are your own best healer, but you just may not know it yet.

My dream and goal for True Healing Solutions is to help as many people as possible reach optimal health, through my one on one healing sessions, healing workshops, personal coaching, and my book Heal Beneath the Surface. This knowledge will help you gain the belief and faith, so you can take the right actions to harness your own innate healing power. My book can get you started right away...see my book page. With my one on one healing sessions (remote or in person), you will begin to feel results right away, I guarantee it!...REALLY! See the services page or just call 530.356.6322.