About Crystal

Author and expert energy healer Crystal Sage has over 20 years of experience healing humans and animals all around the world. She is the author of the best-selling book Master your Destiny. Her first book Heal Beneath the Surface has over 250 information packed pages about healing. In both books, she reveals the cause and cure for all disease! She also shares many of her personal healing clients’ success stories. During her journey to heal, she discovered her natural “gift” in energy healing and has become so proficient that most people claim improvement with their very first healing!

After struggling with illness much of her life, she became disenchanted with conventional medicine and turned to natural healing. Crystal has healed herself (without drugs or surgery) from many chronic and debilitating conditions, which included fibromyalgia, PMS, hypoglycemia, addiction, irritable bowel syndrome, angina heart pains, Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Disorder (CFIDS), and colon cancer. She has also helped hundreds of others to heal with great success, all by only using Natural nutritional remedies and energy! She provides seminars and workshops for all those who seek the Truth, desire self-empowerment, and better health. She wants to teach people all over the world, how they too can become their own best healer! She knows first-hand that ALL disease can be healed if people are willing to take full responsibility and make a commitment to their health. Call her today to begin healing your mind, body, and spirit!

Heal Beneath The Surface – is a guide to self-healing and is very comprehensive, it includes case history success stories about people she has helped to heal. Her best seller Master Your Destiny is a condensed version of her core teachings and can be purchased on the book page.

“We must first understand that disease is NOT a medical condition, it’s a human experience which requires the development of your own consciousness to heal!”

Remote Energy Healing and Prayer Explained

Remote energy healing utilizes Universal Intelligence, which goes beyond the physical realm of time, space and matter. Universal Intelligence is the non-physical Spiritual Life Force Energy or God, that created, connects and animates all living things; which responds to its own creation through sound, words (prayer), feelings, your breath, and thoughts. Like radio waves or electricity this invisible energy travels instantaneously and communication is possible regardless of the distance.

Energy healers utilize Universal energy to transmute negative programming, which then allows your body to re-balance and restore its own natural energy flow and heal.

Some people have a difficult time processing their own dis-ease because:

* They are emotionally too attached.

* They are physically too weak from toxins and deficiencies.

* They have too many (blocks) limiting beliefs and fears.

Energy healers can help bypass the above problems, quicken healing and make it more permanent. Time, space and matter are not barriers. A True healer can process the disease of others because the healing comes from a high level of (certainty & faith) consciousness. Healers don’t have limiting beliefs about healing, so they become a clear channel for healing others. This along with proper deliberate intention makes healers capable of facilitating the healing of others, even from a distance.

Ultimately, all healing comes from God (Universal power, or whatever you call Divine). Healing practitioners “facilitate” a person’s willingness to heal coupled with tapping into Universal intelligence with focused intention and complete unwavering faith!

By experiencing an energy healing, people can begin to realize first hand that all things are possible and begin to experience their own True potential! Healing goes way beyond just eliminating annoying, painful symptoms. Healing physical symptoms is just the beginning of a life-long journey of Self-discovery and your Soul’s evolution to higher states of consciousness, which is continually expanding and becoming AWARE.

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