Caffeine – Sage Tips

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

If you feel the need to drink excessive amounts of caffeine, you should evaluate why.  Excessive coffee, tea and soda can disrupt the intestinal flora (causing candida overgrowth & lowering immunity), disrupt hormonal balance (causing headaches, PMS, bipolar disorders, OCD, ADD, & sleep disturbances), make the body too acid (making you vulnerable to infection), pull vitamins and minerals out of the body (causing deficiencies) and can be habit forming stimulants, which can eventually cause adrenal exhaustion and even paranoia. Craving excessive caffeine indicates that you have nutritional deficiencies, which are usually caused by nutritional allergies! Caffeine allergies compound this problem and can have a direct effect on the central nervous system. Even one cup a day can be enough to keep some people stimulated, giving you a false sense that you are healthy. The only way you can accurately evaluate your health and energy level is without stimulates. If you drink caffeine and think you are healthy, try eliminating caffeine for three days. Does just the thought of not having caffeine cause you anxiety? Do you have lower energy without it?  If you have withdrawal symptoms (headaches and/or have lower energy), then your health is not what it should be. I am not against coffee, only the abuse of it. The over use of caffeine, is an “indicator” of poor health. When poor health or lack of energy creates a daily NEED, then you must consider why you are drinking so much caffeine. You may want to ask yourself, “What nutrients are lacking in my body to create this need?” This relatively small problem can turn into a full-blown disease a few years from now. Furthermore, coffee can curb your appetite and give you a false sense of satiety. In other words, caffeine may rob your natural ability to instinctively eat correctly, which will only further add to nutritional deficiencies and poor health. My book explains how the mere over-consumption of any food or drink can cause an allergy. So it is very important to alternate everything you consume. The following are healthy energizing drinks that you can alternate with coffee.  Here are my favorite substitutes: Herbal teas & Chicory grain coffee. Herbal teas have medicinal value, contain vitamins and minerals, and are devoid of caffeine. My favorite herbal tea is made by Good Earth /Original flavor. The spices make it very energizing, but in a balanced way; the cinnamon helps balance blood sugar too. Licorice tea is also energizing by giving adrenal support. I do not recommend consuming anything everyday, even if it’s broccoli! Everyday consumption can cause an over-exposure and “sensitivity.” Ideally, it is best to alternate everything you consume to prevent addiction, allergies and other health problems. But all these issues can be reversed with CHART (Crystals Healing And Reprogramming Technique.) Crystal can heal you in person, long distance or teach you how to heal yourself through her healing workshops. Once your nutritional allergies are reversed, you will absorb your nutrients better and your energy level will go up, then you will have less need for caffeine!

Dehydration – Sage Tips

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Many people are chronically dehydrated and do not realize it. Water alone does not hydrate you well. Proper hydration also requires natural sugars and minerals. My favorite food for hydration is grapefruit. Too much coffee, tea and cola drinks (caffeine) can be taxing on the kidneys and contribute to dehydration. Even mild dehydration can cause hunger pains and other symptoms, including fatigue and headaches. So limit caffeine and drink plenty of water, along with fresh orange and grapefruit juice. You can also be allergic to water! Just like with nutritional allergies, the allergy conditions creates poor absorption. So even if you are drinking enough water, your cells still aren’t getting enough. So the only solution is to reverse the allergy condition. Call Crystal for help, she will help you love water again! Loving water is vital to staying healthy. Water alone can reverse many disease conditions!

Allergies – Sage Tips

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

How to Reverse Allergies

Allergies are a major contributing factor to most chronic diseases. Because many allergy disease symptoms are not “typical” allergy symptoms, many people have allergies and don’t even realize it. Allergy symptoms can include the same symptoms as those of many chronic diseases. Food allergies are commonly known, but many people do not realize that they may also be allergic to the very nutrients in the food. Nutritional allergies causes poor absorption, which in turn causes deficiencies. Additionally nutritional allergies cause toxicity and both cause a weakened  immune system and contribute to many chronic diseases. 

Toxicity and Deficiencies are the two main causes of disease. I explain the allergy connection in more detail in my book Heal Beneath The Surface. The good news is that there are simple techniques that will reverse ALL types of allergies & disease symptoms, which then eliminates toxicity, restores nutrition and good health. It’s amazing how many disease symptoms are healed in the process of reversing nutritional/food allergies! Crystal’s Healing and Reprogramming Technique (CHART) is taught in Crystal’s workshops for people who want to learn to heal themselves. To learn CHART, go to the workshop page or call Crystal for a personal healing session. She guarantees results. Soon you will be eating your favorite foods again. That’s right after the healing treatment(s), you will be able to eat ALL foods, (dairy, wheat, nuts, even sugar too) again WITHOUT ill effects!