Eliminate Weight Issues, Food Cravings, Addictions & ALL Disease Symptoms Forever!

The best way to finally eliminate the struggle!

  I’m going to answer the following questions for you.

  Why do many people always “struggle” with excessive cravings and to heal other dis-ease symptoms, even if they are doing everything (so called) right and even if they eat the most organic perfect super-food on the planet?

  Why is it that some people don’t (excessively) crave drugs, alcohol, or food and other people do?

 Why is it that some people can eat whatever foods they want, never exercise, and even eat like a hog, and never gain an ounce or have a problem with weight?

 Chronic cravings (addiction) and weight issues are symptoms of dis-ease. In order to solve problems, it’s important to understand how they were created in the first place. So, first, let me help you understand dis-ease and how symptoms are created. Then I promise to give you the real solutions. : )

 There are two MAIN causes to ALL disease

  Toxins (fear, chemicals, poor diet, bad habits, negative thoughts, allergens, emotional stress, etc.), and Deficiencies (nutritional, emotional, spiritual).

  You can’t ever reach the top of the healing mountain when you are toxic and deficient. Don’t think you are toxic and or deficient? I’m going to explain why many people are toxic and deficient, but don’t realize it.

  How ALL disease symptoms (including weight problems, addictions & cravings) are created:Fear is the most debilitating harmful toxin of them all. That’s because fear causes stress. Stress (fear) interrupts our normal state of homeostasis and creates energy blocks in our body. Anytime we are in a stressful state, we can create a “newly conditioned” reaction, commonly called a symptom.

  Bodily reactions are controlled and coordinated by the autonomic nervous system that receives, transmits and stores information. Think of your brain as a computer, and every cell in your body as a byte of memory that “stores” information. While experiencing stress, the brain may “perceive” a nearby substance to be harmful, even if it’s a healthy substance.

 The nervous system is alerted and sends a message to all the glands and organs. In defense, the body creates symptoms to throw off the culprit. The message is then recorded and programmed into the brain, nervous system and every cell of the body. This is how we create a conditioned response to ANY substance, and it is how most disease symptoms, including addictions, phobias, cravings, weight issues, allergies and ANY symptom attached to a diagnosed disease are created.

 When the stimulus (food, drug, any allergen) is present, the “conditioned” response of symptoms will continue to happen in the future, until the brain is reprogrammed. This is our built-in protection system in “truly” life-threatening situations.

 However, the “reaction” or symptom (emotional, physical) is inappropriate especially when the stimulus is a healthy substance, such as a food or vitamin.

  Most disease symptoms are createdby lifestyle, poor habits, fear/stress, and limiting beliefs that have been erroneously programmed into your nervous system. Yes, ALL disease symptoms are just bad programming. But the good news is this means we have much power to reverse our diseases!

 Nutritional allergies are a HUGE contributing (toxic) factor (unknown to most doctors and people) to nearly every chronic disease. Even people who are fairly healthy can have food/nutritional allergies, because most people have had times of stress…and some times extreme stress.

 Many years of stress causes one to slowly become allergic to food and anything else in or around you. The stress (fear) causes the nervous system to believe substances in and around your body to be the enemy so to speak.

  Food and nutritional allergies cause poor digestion, which in turn causes poor absorption of food and nutrients, and thus causes nutritional “deficiencies.” Nutritional deficiencies then cause constant food cravings and overeating!

 Additionally, allergies (from poor digestion) cause “toxicities” (excess metabolic waste) in the body and various symptoms. Even healthy foods become a toxin! The type of symptom created is determined by which organs become toxic, and how it gets programmed during the stress state. Then it gets diagnosed with some strange and sometimes crazy name.

  Addictions are created in this SAME manner as allergies….during times of emotional stress. Constant emotional stress creates a vicious cycle of dis-ease and NEED to calm the emotions and feel better. Then we find something to USE to cover up our emotional and physical pain.

  Remember in the beginning I said that toxins and deficiencies are the cause to all disease. Toxicities and Deficiencies cause the organs to become congested, run less efficiently and ultimately that s-l-o-w-s your metabolism (energy) down.

  Many people don’t realize they have nutritional allergies. But unless they have perfect health and weight, and have never had stressful times in their life, than most likely they do have nutritional/food and other allergies.

  Here is a list of reasons why you may have never made the connection before: 

 1.     Your doctor never mentioned it. Even if you were tested for allergies, you can still have them, even if the test was negative. In other words the test can be wrong.

  2.     You don’t experience “typical” allergy symptoms. Not all allergy symptoms are typical, so this is where you can be fooled. But now you know that ANY symptom (fatigue, cravings, weight issues, thyroid problems, etc.) can be the result of toxins and deficiencies caused by an allergy condition. For example, bone loss is a disease symptom that most people would not connect to an allergy. It would typically be viewed as a degenerative symptom that “normally” occurs as a result of aging. Although this is generally true, bone loss is still due to an allergy condition. Specifically bone loss is due to an allergy to minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorous and also to ones own hormones. But because doctors call it osteoporosis, one does not ever think about allergies being a main factor. Remember when allergic, the body does not assimilate the food and nutrients properly. In this case, for survival, the body adapted in order to fill its needs for minerals, by “stealing” the calcium and other minerals from the bones, so it can continue to perform other necessary bodily functions to keep you alive. Other people could develop kidney stones instead. Kidney stones are of course the result of minerals that are not fully digested from the allergy condition. I could give you thousands more examples with all other nutritional allergies, but I think you get the picture.

 So if you don’t have “typical” allergy symptoms, lets just say that many years of stress caused your body to malfunction and create negative programming, consisting of many types of dis-ease symptoms, including not being able to absorb your nutrients properly resulting in toxins and deficiencies, and your doctor may have given you a diagnosis of some sort, and now you probably believe it’s incurable. Wrong!

 It does not matter what you call your disease, it ALL can be healed!

 3.     You thought weight problems were ALL about food, calories, fat and exercise. WRONG! Very wrong, on all accounts.

         4.   You thought addictions were ALL about the substance. Wrong again.

  That would be like saying that guns kill people. Nope, FEAR kills people.

  Fear causes Stress > causes Emotional Dis-ease > causes Physical Symptoms

Cravings and Aversions are true indicators of food/sugar allergies, addiction, and the two main causes to ALL diseases…toxins and deficiencies. Most people are aware of food cravings. But food allergies can also create aversions to the (food) allergen. An extreme example is bulimia and anorexia. But it does not have to be that extreme. Everyone has a different “degree” of disease. Addictions are just a stronger type of craving. You can use your cravings and aversions to foods to discover allergies that are causing deficiencies, toxicity and dis-ease symptoms.

Cravings indicate nutritional deficiencies from food allergies. Aversions indicate toxicity from food allergies. Your awareness of your cravings and aversions to an allergen may be conscious or subconscious, and they can affect you physically, emotionally or nutritionally, which depends upon how it was programmed into your body.

Therefore, you can experience a physical symptom, have an emotional reaction, or have strong cravings trying to restore your nutrition. Subconsciously, you may be craving or avoiding a food that is affecting you without realizing why. So you may not be aware that you are avoiding or craving the food.

 There are many reasons why you may not consciously realize the connection. These reasons and other causes and solutions are detailed in my health book, Heal Beneath the Surface.

 Cravings are a way for your body to instinctively communicate to you what it needs. However, cravings also indicate what you need to correct. If we fulfill that need by eating, drinking, smoking or taking a drug we may temporarily feel better until the symptoms reappear. Symptoms may subside or disappear in between cravings, but the craving and symptoms will continue to reappear until the allergy condition and negative programming is completely reprogrammed and nutrition is restored to optimal levels.

 This is the vicious cycle of ALL disease. And that is why sugar, food & drug cravings and addictions are difficult to resolve, unless the underlying emotional distress and allergies are reprogrammed.

 Furthermore, it explains why diets don’t work and why some people have a constant struggle with their weight, addictions and healing other dis-eases.

 So let’s now talk about the solutions to healing ALL disease.

  The “Ultimate” Solution to reversing ALL disease is…Reprogramming

 Reverse food and nutritional allergies with reprogramming

 Almost everyone knows about food allergies, but not everyone is aware of nutritional allergies, and how to effectively reverse them. Yes, there is a way to actually reverse them. Which means…afterwards you will be able to enjoy eating your favorite foods again WITHOUT ill affects!

  Reversing your nutritional allergies greatly helps to eliminate food cravings, weight problems and many other disease symptoms from the level of causation by:

  1. Reducing the amount of accumulated metabolic waste (toxins) in the organs so they can function properly and, 2. Halts deficiencies so nutritional levels can finally be restored to optimal levels. So reversing allergies and all other negative programming eliminates the two main causes to disease!

 Once nutrition is restored to optimal levels, cravings are reduced to a maintenance (normal) level. Restored nutrition raises and balances your metabolism, increases energy levels, and resolves physical (nutritional) food cravings and other addictions can be resolved the SAME way!

  Also toxins are no longer accumulating faster than the body can eliminate them. This eliminates the need for long term cleansing.  The immune system can now take care of itself!!!

 Reprogramming basically changes your metabolic “set point.” When the nutrients work properly, the body (metabolism) will work properly.  For some, this alone can end the struggle with cravings once and for all!

 Emotional Reprogramming

 Many people know they sometimes eat to sooth their emotions. The emotions get connected to the food allergen, because it gets programmed during stressful times. This is why when eating an allergic food, that it can also “trigger” any number of emotions. This continues a vicious cycle of emotional food cravings.

  Some emotional programming can come from childhood. The stronger and more constant the craving, the more allergies people are likely to have and the more one may crave unhealthy foods and eat emotionally. “Munchies” can be the result. Constant munchies mean a need is not being met, nutritionally or emotionally. Sound familiar?

 One is either desperately trying to restore adequate nutritional levels, or the food may trigger an emotion that propels a vicious cycle of munchies in an attempt to sooth the emotional (dis-ease) programming.  Or, it can be both.

 If you’re an emotional eater, you might ask yourself, “Am I munching because I need nutrients, or am I munching for love?” Emotional (stress) healing is probably the most important component to healing all disease. Fortunately, because the physical allergen is connected to the emotions, some of the emotional programming gets erased when the physical allergy is reversed!

  However, because emotions can be deeply seated, additional emotional healing is needed for some people. Emotional eaters will never solve their struggle with weight, until emotional issues are healed. Unfortunately, most people lack knowledge about how to heal emotional dis-ease. Healing emotional dis-ease has become my specialty, which I teach along with how to heal all physical symptoms in my healing class: Become Your Own Best Healer.


 FOOD AND FAT DO NOT MAKE YOU FAT. There are many people who can eat non-stop without gaining weight and some people will even lose weight. Weight problems are mostly caused by glandular dysfunction, which on a nutritional or physical level can come from (guess what?) the “interference” of many nutritional allergies.

 Allergies cause deficiencies, which in turn cause overeating and glandular dysfunction and thus, hormone imbalances. Any food not completely metabolized may be stored as fat (hypo-condition). On the flip side, others have a problem gaining weight (hyper-condition), no matter how much they eat. We don’t talk much about the inability to gain weight, and we don’t usually consider it to be a problem. However, both conditions are imbalances and all weight problems are just another symptom of disease.

 Additionally, most people are also unaware that you can essentially become allergic to anything, even to things inside your body, like hormones. Constant weight issues can also mean an allergy to hormones such as ghrelin and/or leptin. Both play a major role in appetite and metabolism, that means they decide whether to store or to burn calories, and if you are hungry or not.

  Hence, an allergy to these hormones would confuse these messages to the brain. This confusion is why some people will continue to eat, even when they are not hungry, because the brain never got the message of satiety. Reversing nutritional and hormone allergies can be the (physical) answer (at least in part) to resolving long time weight issues for some people.

 Deprivation is a way to “control” your consumption of food and it will never work in the long run. Deprivation means your body will not get the vital nutrients it needs to function properly; and thereby, you are slowly “starving,” by causing more deficiencies only to compound the problem by s-l-o-w-i-n-g down your metabolism even more. Slowing down your metabolism is counter-productive to losing weight. Then you end up craving and struggling even more!

 Deprivation came about as a result of trying to “control” food and nutritional allergies that many people do not know they have. Deprivation and allergies creates a double whammy of deficiencies. Eventually one will begin eating out of control again, because the body is still starving for (fuel) fat and nutrients.

  Some people have learned that deprivation is not the answer and that is a good thing. Although they may be more nutritionally satisfied, it still does NOT solve the underlying problems of toxins, deficiencies and emotional dis-ease. The negative programming (conditioned response) is still there. Therefore, most people will still “struggle” with actually losing weight or keeping it off.  Maintaining proper weight should NOT be a struggle!

  The “eat less, move more” way of dieting is just another form of deprivation. It is difficult for people to move more when they have low energy from deficiencies and toxic overload. As allergies are reversed, the toxic overload will lessen, nutritional levels will restore and your metabolism and energy level will speed up and finally come into balance. Then you will feel like moving more.

 Counting calories and fat grams does not solve underlying causes and the struggle with weight. It is yet another form of deprivation. Eating fat is not the problem as much as it is your inability to metabolize it, just like with any other food allergy. Fat is actually important even while losing weight. Fats contain twice as many calories as carbohydrates; however, fat keeps hunger satisfied three times longer. Quit depriving yourself, it only makes it worse.

  It is important to note that body fat is made from glucose, not fat! Because of the bad press and paranoia about fat, and numerous food/nutritional allergies, many people are not eating enough fat (even animal fat) and the right foods.

 There are many people who can eat non-stop without gaining weight and some people will even lose weight. Weight problems are mostly caused by glandular and hormonal dysfunction, which on a nutritional or physical level can come from (guess what?) the “interference” of many nutritional allergies.

  However, once your metabolism and immune system is “reprogrammed” and balanced, then you can eat more and move less and still lose weight! Reprogramming the allergy condition solves these problems from the level of causation, by allowing nutrition to FINALLY be restored to optimal levels.

 This along with emotional healing can ultimately end the struggle with constant cravings, addictions, weight issues, and ALL other dis-ease symptoms forever!

  REPROGRAMMING ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR EXCESSIVE EXERCISE, SPECIAL DIETS, DRUGS, SURGERY, and COUNTING CALORIES AND FAT GRAMS! These methods only treat symptoms. The only way you can truly heal and eliminate the struggle is to QUIT treating the symptoms.

 When the nutrients work properly, the body will work properly, then cravings and food intake will “automatically” reduce to a normal level.

 You should not have to “struggle” with cravings or work hard to maintain proper weight or to heal other dis-ease symptoms. If you have to starve, deprive yourself, eat a “special” kind of diet, exercise excessively, or need to take a drug, then there is something else wrong. Struggling means you are only (still) treating the symptom, instead of getting to the main cause. Reprogramming solves all of that!

  So there you have it in a nutshell.

  About the author:

Author and healing practitioner Crystal Sage has healed herself without drugs or surgery from a myriad of chronic and debilitating conditions, including addiction, Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Disorder (CFIDS), hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, depression, and cancer. She has been successfully helping others to reverse their disease for almost 20 years.

  Her dream and goal is to help as many people as possible reach optimal health, through her newsletters, healing workshops, health coaching, personal healing sessions, andher book, Heal Beneath the Surface. She wants to help empower and teach others how they too can become their own best healers! She says, “Self-empowerment is the best health insurance you can have.”

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