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Heal Beneath The Surface is intended to:

• Help eliminate the confusion and fear about  healing “named” diseases, by explaining the causes and solutions in simple generic terms, so you can begin learning about TRUE healing today.

 Explain the difference between True healing and disease maintenance.

 Explain why labeling disease is unnecessary, delusive and even harmful.

 Describe how disease is ultimately not caused by outside forces.

 Inform about how allergies to nutrients are a large contributing factor to the cause of many common chronic diseases.

 Explain how chronic disease is an accumulation of many allergies, toxicities, deficiencies, fears and erroneous programming.

 Explain how healing is just a matter of erasing the many layers of (disease) erroneous programming.

 Inform you of simple techniques that eliminate allergies and ALL (disease) erroneous programming.

 Illustrate what I did to heal myself, and what you can do to begin taking responsibility for your health, so you can begin your journey of healing today!

It’s over 275 full size pages of everything you need to know about the cause of dis-ease and healing!

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  Heal Beneath the Surface 



Become Your Own Best Healer Using True Healing Solutions!

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Master Your Destiny is an Amazon Bestseller!

It is a condensed version of my core teachings taken from my first book Heal Beneath the Surface. This book allows you to grasp the main concepts about disease and healing quickly and easily.


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Master your Destiny