Are You Tired of Feeling Sick & Tired?

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Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, pain, acid reflex, stress, IBS, chronic fatigue, allergies, gluten & sugar intolerance, have fears, phobias, been diagnosed with some crazy disease, or ailed by ANY other chronic symptoms?

Why do I lump together ALL disease and symptoms? Because it does NOT matter one iota what you call your disease. It does not matter what diagnosis you have. It does NOT matter whether you have allergies, cancer, purple poke a dots or anything else in between, it's all the same stuff. It does not matter what you believe to be true about disease and healing. It doesn't matter how much pain you are in or how advanced your condition is. It does not matter if your disease was inherited or not. It doesn't matter how rare the doc said it is or if you were given a death sentence. Those are just opinions, fears and erroneous limiting beliefs; which are the biggest factors that limit or prevent people from healing. BUT NONE of that matters! We can change ALL of that NOW!!! I've already done it for myself and have helped many others!!! I had it ALL, hit bottom, was in severe pain, had many horrible diagnosis's, and was about as close to death as you can get without actually dying. Read my bio for more details. But now at 60 I'm healthier than ever. And so can YOU! It is your birthright to be healthy! Yep.

Don't wait for science to event the magic healing pill...that will never happen...NOT ever!

“Healing CANNOT be manufactured! Healing IS a biological and Spiritual experience!“You must first understand that disease is NOT a medical condition, it's a human experience which requires the development of your own consciousness to heal!”

Have you tried many healing methods without much result?

Feeling Hopeless you'll never find a solution for your pain and suffering?

Have you been told there is no cure?!


If you're ready to finally get relief from your pain and suffering you've come to the right place.

Heal The Real Cause of Your Symptoms Once and For All!

Introducing...True Healing Solutions

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy!

Get ready to kick your aches, stress, pain, fears, and ALL other annoying symptoms OUT the door—just like I did!

Helping people to eliminate their pain and suffering is my MISSION in life. I have already been through the trenches of pain & dis-ease myself so I know what it’s like to desperately want to feel better. 

I have helped HUNDREDS of people just like you!


Put your healing on auto-pilot while you sleep

Start now...The Bronze Introductory offer allows you to try the healing so you can see first hand that it really works

Bronze Platter $222



Initial consultation to decide an action plan

Healing sessions and coaching for one issue (in person or remote)

Follow-up consult to evaluate your improved results!



Once people feel results, they usually want to continue healing. So at this point together we design a personalized healing program to comfortably fit your budget. You may want to go Silver, Gold or Platinum.

You have nothing to lose but your dis-ease, and everything to gain!


Blessings to you,

Crystal Sage


Learn Why People Don't Heal...But How YOU Can


Here’s some of what I learned about Disease and Healing

There are two MAIN causes of disease – Toxins (fear, chemicals, poor diet, infection, allergies, negative thoughts, emotional stress), and Deficiencies (nutritional, emotional, spiritual). The “name” of a disease does not determine whether one disease is any more severe than another disease; it is the level of toxicities and deficiencies, which determines the severity of one’s condition or disease.

Symptoms get “programmed” during times of stress and become a "conditioned response" to a stimulus just like with pollen or food. However, virtually ANYTHING can get negatively programmed and "trigger" a disease symptom.

Fear, Resentment, and Anger, resulting in Stress & Anxiety are the gateways to… Phobias, panic attacks, sleep disturbances, terrors, addictions, depression, and eventually MANY physical symptoms. Many allergies develop, like a wheat allergy, soy allergy, peanut allergy, dairy allergy, meat allergy, sugar allergy or pollen allergy. I used to be allergic to everything!

I know how each day can be a struggle filled with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. However, the name of your disease should NOT stop you from healing. I know from first-hand experience that ALL disease can be healed! I healed myself of many named diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Immune Disorder Syndrome (CFIDS), angina (heart pains), fibromyalgia, depression, hypoglycemia, bowel cancer and more.

So you see the name of your disease has NOTHING to do with whether or not you can heal. I'm not special. It's your birthright to be healthy too.

During my quest to heal I discovered my gift in energy healing, and how to transmute and heal the underlying causes and "triggers" of emotional stress, phobias, allergies, pain, anxiety, depression, or any other symptom. I discovered that when allergies, phobias, and emotional disease were healed, many other disease symptoms lessened and eventually disappeared as well! I have helped many others to heal their various dis-ease symptoms with great success for over 20 years. So I have definitely learned a thing or two about healing.

Healing is just a matter of Transmuting Energy

1. Clearing all Negative Programming (toxins)

2. Restoring Nutrition and Emotional well-being (deficiencies)

But nutrition cannot get restored until all food allergies are reversed. Sometimes people are confused when I use the term ‘allergies’. They think they don't have food allergies because they don’t experience the “typical” allergy symptoms. When I say ‘allergy’ I am talking about the negative programming that gets connected to your food during times of stress. Your entire life is connected to your food!!! This negative programming results in some type of ill effect while eating food, including poor absorption of nutrients and thus food cravings. Deficiencies from poor absorption of food and nutrients can cause ANY number of symptoms and health issues such as fatigue, pain, bone loss, anxiety, depression, poor eyesight, blood sugar imbalance, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, etc. just to name a few.

That’s why taking supplements or even eating a super-healthy diet may not bring about effective healing. Nutrition cannot be restored until the negative programming is reversed. When the ‘programming’ is cleared, your body can then absorb the nutrients that it requires and finally begin to heal. Symptoms fade away and even sugar cravings begin to lessen and eventually reduce to normal. Yes, even excessive sugar cravings go away too!

When the nutrients (including sugar) work properly the body can and will work properly!

It's time to END the struggle so you can live a healthy productive life in a way that brings peace, joy and fulfillment.

The best part is…you don’t have to figure out what to do. We decide together what your top healing priority is. Then I will do the ‘heavy lifting’…the actual healing. There are no crazy diets. I will give you 110%. You just need to open your mind and receive the healing and some direction.

That’s it.

I’m sure by now you are wondering how all this works. I can work with you in 2 ways: in person and/or remotely. If you happen to live near Redding, CA you can come in person. I work on your body using a simple method of acupressure, along with energetic healing. However, the energetic healing is just as effective long distance. So I can help people all over the world! I healed myself with all natural remedies and by reprogramming my ENERGY. It's the best way to get long-term results.

We will first choose something that you will be able to notice the difference after it’s been treated. I will tell you when you can “test” it out, and you will report back to me on how much it has improved. This will give you confidence that the healings really work. Then we will treat the next phobia, fear, allergy or other cause of your symptom(s). You will continually give me updates on your progress, via phone, text and or email.

My Commitment to you

It’s important for you to know that I am committed to your healing. I will do the hard part. My knowledge and experience with healing will make your part EASY! And eventually, you won’t need to avoid anything, including foods you enjoy.

The healing eliminates the struggle. You will eventually be able to eat ALL foods again, including sugar WITHOUT ill effects. SERIOUSLY!

Benefits of Healing

After each healing symptoms begin to melt away

Desensitizes Triggers 

Enjoy eating your favorite foods without guilt or symptoms

Food and Sugar cravings lessen

Desolves Fear Limiting Beliefs & Stories

Resolves Karma

Increased Energy and Stamina

Improved Sleep

Better Concentration and Focus

Overall Feeling of Physical and Emotional Well-being

My Weekly Healing Treatments & Health Coaching Can Be the Beginning of an Exciting New Life Free of Dis-ease, Pain, Fear, and Anxiety.

  Are YOU ready for your Personal Healing Transformation?

Your courage has brought you this far. Now…are you ready for the next step…are you ready to make a commitment to your health? Do you have the courage to face your fears? Do you have the desire to take action so you can truly heal?

If so... you are ready to kick your symptoms out the door


Introductory Offer: $222* Bronze Platter



  • Initial consultation to decide an action plan 
  • Healing and coaching for one issue (in person or remote)
  • Follow-up consult to evaluate results

Once people feel results, they usually want to continue healing. So at this point together we design a personalized healing program to comfortably fit your budget. You may want to go Silver, Gold or Platinum.

You have nothing to lose but your dis-ease, and everything to gain!

Blessings to you,

Crystal Sage

PS. I believe the purpose of my healing journey was to learn the tools to help others heal faster and easier. Give yourself the gift of healing NOW. Call to schedule your initial consultation and first healing session! *Subject to availability, since I'm only able to work with a limited amount of people at one time.

Disclaimer: Any and all information provided by Crystal Sage is solely to help educate people about natural health and wellness. The theories and formulae presented in this article are expressed as the author’s opinion from personal experience, and as such, are not meant to diagnose, cure, prescribe, or administer in any manner to any physical ailment or disease. She will not be held liable for any information used that is contained in this article, as well as any other written material. Your results may vary. Any information used should be done at your own risk. In any matters related to your health, please consult a qualified, licensed health practitioner.

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