True Healing Solutions Mission Statement

With Gods help ALL things are possible.

The purpose of True Healing Solutions is to empower, inspire and educate others about Natural healing from the level of causation, and most importantly to teach you how to become your own best healer! I know this is my life’s purpose.

I know from first hand experience in healing myself (without drugs or surgery) from many chronic diseases including cancer, and also helping others to heal with great success for more than 20 years, that ALL disease can be healed. See about me page.

It gives me great joy to now give back to society the value and knowledge of  “True” healing. I’m so dedicated to helping others that I used up my entire retirement (not realizing it would take that long,) to finish writing my book, ouch!

So now I seek financial freedom: through sponsors, joint ventures & investors, who have the same desire to help others in need of healing. I wish to serve in the best way possible that is in the highest good of all concerned.

Charging for services is to ensure that you “commit” and take full responsibility for your own healing. However, do not let finances keep you from healing. If you are willing to make a full commitment to your own healing, call me for special arrangements.

My next goal is to set up a foundation from which the proceeds will pay for nutritional supplements, healing services & healing workshops for families and individuals in need. My desire is to help as many people as possible reach optimal health.

Self-empowerment is the best health insurance you can have. “True” healing extends beyond just healing a named disease. Healing is ultimately about evolving to higher states of consciousness and (eventually) mastering all things.

The only factors that separate those who still have disease and those who have already healed themselves are: knowledge, belief, faith and the right actions. Knowledge gives you the power, belief gives you the desire, faith gives you the strength, and right actions will give you desired results.

I want to teach people all over the world, how they too can become their own best healers!

“Healing chronic disease (even cancer) is not that mysterious. You have the innate ability to heal yourself.

Healing is not about ‘finding’ the cure. Healing is ‘realizing’ YOU are the cure!”

To Your Health,

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