Crystal, I can’t thank you enough for the healing work you’ve done for me! Three years ago I was diagnosed with an unusual vocal disease called Spasmodic Dysphonia and was told that there was very little that could be done for me. The choices given to me by doctors were either Botox on my vocal cords or surgery: but neither would be a guarantee. I wasn’t about to do either one of those; I had an intuitive feeling that I could somehow work through my problems naturally, but I just didn’t know how. My problem was devastating to me at the time because I was a professional singer and vocal teacher! I was forced to retire from a career I loved because it was incredibly difficult to produce sounds due to my paralyzed vocal cords. Yet, I still needed to have my voice back! By some miracle, I found you and since then I am finally able to not only speak fluently, but I am beginning to sing again! This means the world to me. Anyone who needs healing of any kind, I highly recommend Crystal!

I had worked with many other energy healers in the past, but no one was as powerfully effective and gifted as Crystal.

Jolene Hayes, CCHT and Soul Realignment Practitioner.

Roger (57 yrs.) had lower back problems and was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis, with painful knees that were bone on bone. He also had sleep apnea. His sleep apnea used to awaken him at night in terrifying fear and gasping for breath. His knees became so painful, that it was difficult to walk. He was addicted to drugs (prescription & street). He was considering getting a knee replacement, as this was recommended by doctors to be the only solution. After clearing many allergies and emotional healing with CHART (Crystal’s Healing and Reprogramming Technique), and then using the proper supplementation and natural remedies, he no longer has sleep apnea. His back and knees are 85% better, he is OFF all drugs, and he is now back snowboarding!

Thank you, Crystal. You have given me a new lease on life. As a side benefit, my eyesight has improved. I can now read the clock from across the room without my glasses! LOL Roger

Sheila was diagnosed with CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Disorder), could not work, and was on disability for six years. She had extreme fatigue and also had difficulty sleeping. She was addicted to caffeine, chocolate, sugar and prescription drugs. Muscle testing revealed she was allergic to many nutrients, foods, and environmental substances. Even though she loved her work, it was very stressful for her. She perceived her work as exciting. However, the stress soon worsened her symptoms to a debilitating state. While in her work-mode, she became very anxious. The anxiety was quite extreme and uncontrollable. She even tried using meditation to calm herself, but once the adrenaline started pumping, she could not seem to turn it off. This leaves her totally exhausted. She was allergic to adrenaline as well as other stress hormones. The work-mode “automatically” triggered the adrenaline flow. This was her programming. Once the programming is recorded in the nervous system, it is very difficult to “control” the situation, problem or disease until it is “reprogrammed.” After healing with CHART, work no longer caused her anxiety. Once she cleared her other allergies, she could then work again in a balanced way with less stress and the repercussions it brought. She is now off disability, ALL drugs and works full-time again!

Fran easily developed what I will call “blood bruises.” This was not normal bruising. The bruises looked like she was bleeding through her skin. Essentially, that is what was almost happening. Whenever she would bump herself, she would develop a bruise that almost bled through to the surface of her skin. This bruising happened with the slightest touch. Normally, this type of bruising would not occur in most people, even with a fairly hard hit. These blood bruises took many weeks to disappear. Because these bruises happened easily, they developed frequently. Before one bruise would disappear, more would develop. Her forearm was usually half-covered with bruises. She was allergic to several nutrients. The main nutritional allergy was to vitamin K. Vitamin K is needed for coagulation (blood clotting). Since she was allergic to vitamin K, she was also deficient in it. Once this allergy was resolved with CHART and the nutrition restored, her long time blood bruising was no longer a problem. Resolving this allergy also eliminated future risky complications (excessive bleeding) if she ever were to get into an accident.

Andy was diagnosed with high blood pressure for which he was taking medication. Muscle testing revealed he was allergic to many nutrients. He also needed to heal his emotional stress. Once he cleared his nutritional allergies with Chart and healed (reprogrammed) his emotional stress triggers, he now no longer needs to take the high blood pressure medication. Yay

Bill had been receiving CHART (Crystal’s Healing and Reprogramming Technique) treatments for general health reasons. After clearing most of his nutritional allergies, it was discovered that he had a weakness in his parathyroid. Once he was treated for his parathyroid, he began to steadily lose weight. The weight loss occurred without any conscious effort on his part. He did not alter or change his diet, nor did he begin an exercise program. He did nothing different except receive a healing treatment that strengthened and balanced his parathyroid. However, it is usually not this simple for most people, as they may have many more emotional issues and nutritional allergies to clear as well.

Sarah, a seven-year-old girl, experienced frequent cold symptoms and infections. Her mother said she could almost predict the next infection because they began occurring every other month. Of course, she was always given antibiotics by the doctor. She was allergic to amino acids (essential proteins) and these proteins were the cause of her infections. Because of the allergic condition to the proteins, they were “perceived” by her body as toxins. When she eliminated this allergy with CHART, she eliminated the so-called infections. She has been infection free for many years now. Fortunately for her, this was the only allergen causing her this problem and she only needed two treatments to solve the problem and to reverse it completely.

The above examples are just a few of True Healing Solution’s success stories. There are many more success stories listed in Crystal’s book…. Heal Beneath the Surface.

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