Why you should NOT fear the “C” word… CANCER

Author and healing practitioner Crystal Sage discusses…


Why you should NOT fear the “C” word… CANCER, and provides natural solutions to major health challenges

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases as it is one of the leading causes of death. If you took a poll and asked the average person the following question, “which disease condition do you think is the most severe and the most difficult to heal:  cancer, diabetes, allergies, the flu?”   Most people would probably answer in about the order that they are listed above; some people might reverse the last two. But this order in severity of diseases is not necessarily true. In fact, the “name” of your disease has very little to do with its severity and whether you can heal or not!

Some people after combating certain flu’s have never felt quite the same, some even died very young. Others have such severe allergies that they must carry a quick reviving medicine on them at all times to prevent anaphylactic shock, because just eating even one little pea or peanut could kill them very quickly.

On the other hand, others with diabetes have reversed their condition quite easily with natural remedies, cleansing and proper diet. Some people (including myself) who were diagnosed with cancer, have healed without drugs or surgery using all natural remedies (some even quickly), the cancer never to return and they have lived very long active lives.

Of course, I do understand (personally) that cancer can be very debilitating and severe. But my point is… so can every illness (named disease). Every illness can be mild or severe. Now you might argue, “but more people die of cancer than most other diseases.” The reason more people die of cancer is because more people FEAR cancer. Fear is the most debilitating toxin of them all. It’s appalling that certain media, TV shows, conventional doctors, the FDA and AMA continue to spread more fear about cancer and other health conditions.

Fear causes stress. Stress is a catabolic state, which breaks down tissue, depletes nutrients, disrupts body chemistry and thus, lowers immunity. Therefore, continued stress (fear) quickens aging and disease by not allowing time for the building of new tissue. Disease and aging are the result of sluggish cells not being able to regenerate faster than they are degenerating. When cells regenerate faster than they degenerate, there will be no disease or aging!

What makes aging and ANY diagnosed disease inevitable?  Toxins (fear, chemicals, poor diet, negative thoughts, emotional stress), and deficiencies (nutritional, emotional, spiritual) is the short answer to that question. Toxins and deficiencies both affect your immunity and are the two main causes of ALL disease. The severity of the condition, and the degree of difficulty in reversing it, depends more on the level of toxicities (fear) and deficiencies a person has, not the “name” of the disease!”

The most important factor to healing ALL disease is YOU! Specifically, how “willing” are you to heal and to take the RIGHT actions. Not just any actions, but the RIGHT actions. That brings me to the second most important factor in healing, which is to quit treating the symptoms. For example, removing a tumor does NOT remove the cause. The tumor is only the symptom. When the cause is treated correctly, the tumor (and any other symptom) will just dissolve away. Drugs and surgery only treat symptoms, add more toxins, and create more deficiencies.  The only time symptom treatments can have a healing effect is if they cause you to have a shift in consciousness, to release underlying emotional fears, or to finally make you take the RIGHT actions and address the underlying physical causes. But the right actions can always be done and are MUCH easier WITHOUT drugs and surgery. Treating symptoms always delays the healing process.

You do not have to be a victim of chronic disease. There are MANY natural healing remedies and therapies to help you remove toxins, restore nutritional levels and thus, restore health. The name of your disease does not matter, because ALL disease can be healed! I know this to be TRUE from first-hand experience and healing myself of many named diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Immune Disorder Syndrome (CFIDS), angina (heart pains), fibromyalgia, depression, hypogylcemia, and bowel cancer. How is that for a resume?! Now if I can heal all those diseases, so can you. You have the same innate healing ability.

The only factors that separate those who still have ANY chronic disease, and those who have already healed themselves are: Knowledge, Belief, Faith and the Right Actions. Knowledge gives you the power, belief gives you the desire, faith gives you the strength, and the right actions give you the desired results.

Learning first hand knowledge from your own healing experience will help you gain the belief and faith to continue your healing journey, because you will be acting from your own TRUE FACTS (results), instead of reacting to FEAR! You are your own best healer, but you just may not know it yet.

In summary: The “name” of a disease does not determine whether one disease is any worse than another disease; it is the level of the toxicities and the deficiencies that determines the severity of one’s condition or disease. Fear is the worst toxin of all. Therefore, the “name” of your disease has little to do with your ability to reverse your condition. It does not matter what name your disease has been given. ALL disease can be reversed (healed) just the same!

Disease is not the “mystery” it is made-up to be.

So, the question I have for you is:  “Are you ready for the biggest responsibility in your life? Do you have the courage to face your fears, the will to overcome your conditioning and ignorance about healing, and the desire to take the action required in order for True healing to take place?”

Author and healing practitioner Crystal Sage has healed herself without drugs or surgery, from a myriad of chronic and debilitating conditions, including Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Disorder (CFIDS), hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, depression, and cancer. She has been successfully helping others to reverse their disease for almost 20 years. Her dream and goal is to help as many people as possible reach optimal health, through her healing workshops, health coaching, personal healing sessions, newsletters, and her book, Heal Beneath the Surface. She wants to empower and teach others how they too can become their own best healers!

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