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In my Workshop you will learn about how I healed myself from many Chronic Debilitating Diseases including cancer with all natural remedies and therapies.


And I Know You Can Do The Same!


Hello everyone my name is Crystal Sage

“After watching my mother and aunt all my life being miserable, in and out of the hospital, taking cupboards-full of prescription drugs, and their conditions only to worsen. I knew I needed to find my own answers, literally take my life in my own hands, and learn to heal myself without drugs or surgery.” Not many people could have been worse off than I was. I hit bottom, was in severe pain and had developed just about every symptom you can imagine.

You don’t have to be a victim of chronic disease. The “name” of your disease should not limit your ability to heal. I know this to be TRUE from first-hand experience by healing myself of many named diseases, such as Chronic Fatigue Immune Disorder Syndrome (CFIDS), angina (heart pains), depression, kidney stones, fibromyalgia, hypogylcemia, and bowel cancer. How is that for a resume?! Now, if I can heal those diseases, so can you. I feel better now in my 50’s than when I was in my 30’s.

I have also helped many others to heal with great success for almost 20 years. Meet Sheila she was one of my first healing clients

Sheila was diagnosed with CFIDS (chronic fatigue immune deficiency disorder) she was on disability for 6 years. She had been to many doctors and was on several medications. Within a short time working with me she was off all of her medications and was able to go back to work full time!!!

The only factors that separate those who still have disease and those who have already healed themselves are: knowledge, belief, faith and the right actions. Knowledge gives you the power, belief gives you the desire, faith gives you the strength, and right actions will give you desired results! Everyone has the same innate healing ability.

My healing classes would appeal to all people who are interested in true healing from the level of causation using all natural remedies. People who have tried many things, seen many doctors and perhaps even tried many natural healing modalities, but are still struggling to reach the top of the healing mountain. It’s for people who are ready to take the challenge and want to move beyond mediocre health to reach optimal health. True healing is an inside journey which takes commitment, fortitude, self-nurturing, determination, grit and personal responsibility. It’s for people who desire self-empowerment and would like to “Become Their Own Best Healer.”

My class provides the tools for you to become your own best healer!

I will teach you a simple technique that will reverse the negative effects of what ails you. This will eliminate the toxicity and RAISE your immunity simultaneously, so your body can naturally begin healing itself!

Pam was on depression medication for 15 years. After clearing her nutritional allergies and restoring her nutrition with proper supplementation, she is now off her depression medication.



Healing & Wellness Class Overview

Presented by, author and healing practitioner Crystal Sage

“Healing is not about finding the cure.  Healing is realizing you are the cure.”

 This class empowers people to take responsibility for their own health,

it can save individuals and companies thousand of dollars in medical bills!

Here is some of what you will learn:

 Why you may not reach the top of the healing mountain even if you are doing everything right and eating the most organic perfect super-food on the planet

The causes of disease

How I (Crystal) healed myself

How disease symptoms are created

How to heal emotional (stress) dis-ease

The importance of taking responsibility

Wellness strategies for disease prevention

Key factors and “missing links” to healing

How to easily fit exercise into your busy day

Simple exercises that enhance immune function

How to detect the cause of your disease symptoms

How to reverse all types of allergies and symptoms

How to overcome addictions and cravings of all types

How to reverse the negative effects of toxic people in your life

Why diets don’t work… How to resolve weight issues for good

How to naturally reverse acute bacterial infections in 24-48 hours

How food allergies cause deficiencies, food cravings & overeating

* How to reverse food allergies, deficiencies, food cravings & overeating

Why people should NOT fear the “name” of ANY disease, including cancer

How to stay healthy, live longer, look younger, be happier and more productive

* Most people know about foods allergies, but many are not aware of nutritional allergies, and how to effectively reverse them. Learning this is crucial to healing many chronic diseases and weight issues. This alone will greatly improve your overall health.

Kathy’s sugar allergy caused her to have lots of mucus congestion and asthma. After reversing her allergy to sugar she can now eat sugar without any ill effects! No more asthma! No more meds!

Self-empowerment is the best health insurance you can have…

My simple healing technique (CHART) will enable you to be self-empowered and take responsibility for your own health.

“Healing chronic disease is not that mysterious. You have the innate ability to heal yourself.

 Remember, the True healing mechanism is within YOU! You hold the keys to better health. Science will never find the cure for chronic disease, because they will never find YOU at the end of their microscope!

 My dream and goal is to help as many people as possible reach optimal health. I want to provide you with the right knowledge and tools to help you gain belief and faith, so you can harness your own inner healing abilities.

 It’s not a question of “can” healing happen; it’s a matter of taking the steps to “allow” healing to happen. Healing is a natural biological process.

 Learn from someone who has reversed the worst of disease conditions.

If I can reverse my dis-ease… so can you!

What’s the Value of Being Able to Heal Yourself?

 Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A penny saved is a penny earned”

Imagine how much money you can SAVE in medical bills, doctor’s visits, reducing or eliminating your prescription purchases, and by staying out of the hospital.

Did you know that the average American family pays over $500 a month for health insurance? Being sick isn’t cheap. Hospital bills can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even with insurance, most families will spend up to $10,000 or more when a serious health issue arises.

Think about what it’s costing you (in more ways than one) to feel rotten and to be a burden to others. 

On the other hand, what would it be worth to you to be able to sleep soundly, eat ANY food, feel healthy and be full of energy? What is the value of being not just well, but feeling great and enjoying life again? You can’t put a price on GREAT health…having GREAT health is priceless! Learning to heal yourself is very empowering.  It can also save you $1000’s of dollars in doctor bills!!!

Roger had sleep apnea it caused him to awaken at night in fear and panic gasping for breath. After clearing his nutritional allergies and some emotional clearing he no longer has sleep apnea.

Are you ready and willing to make your health a priority!

Are you ready for True healing?

Then you have come to the right place

It does not matter what diagnosis you have, or if your doctor says your condition is hopeless. To me the name of your disease has very little to do with whether or not you can heal. You just need to have an open-mind and to be ready to receive healing….that’s all.

Who should attend? Anyone interested in True Healing:

 Health professionals and lay people alike: doctors, nurses, students, massage therapists, nutritional counselors, homemakers, moms, dads, pet owners, business people, retired people. Anyone who wants to improve his or her health and prevent disease!


       Arrange a class of 10 or more and you attend FREE

       Local  1 or 2-day Class starting at $150* per person  


Have class will travel starting at  $250*  per person

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