Quit being a Lab Rat!!! Become Your Own Best Healing Expert

The so-called “experts” want to keep you in the dark and use you as guinea pigs.

What makes a True expert? Making sense out of non-sense.

Lets not confuse knowledge with expertise or success. Knowledge is a mere collection of memorized data, which may or not be factual. One can have a lot of memorized book knowledge, but have no idea how to apply it. Education, great test scores, a degree, writing a good thesis, or having a collection of fancy awards, in and of itself does not necessarily make someone an expert or successful. Expertise and success comes from personal first hand experience, using the RIGHT (actions) practical applications, and achieving actual desirable results.

Ignorance is simply lack of knowledge. You can’t blame anyone for being ignorant. You would not blame your five-year-old child for not knowing sixth grade math. Foolishness is when we ignore the known truth. In other words, it is self-defeating when we know better and do the wrong thing anyway. On the flip-side, degrees and education don’t provide insurance against ignorance in some area of life. We are all at different stages of our growth and we are all ignorant about something. Fear and limiting beliefs can keep us in a chronic state of repeated unhealthy patterns and ignorance.

For many years, I was ignorant about health and healing. I was raised without any knowledge about health other than the typical Western orthodox methods. Later I learned that Medical school does not teach healing.  Conventional medicine treats symptoms, a form of “disease maintenance.”  My mother and aunt were very unhealthy. Western medicine was all they knew, so that’s all I knew. I watched my mother and aunt suffer for many years and die in a diseased state as a result of their lack of knowledge about True healing. Therefore, I had a lot of “unhealthy” knowledge and BAD programming.

My own ignorance allowed me to fall into the same trap of disease. Fortunately, all that bad programming eventually fueled me in the right direction toward better knowledge and health.  I learned to look beyond my conditioned box of beliefs, fears and knowledge. If I knew then what I know now, my mother and aunt would not have needed to die in such a diseased state; nor would I have ended up in my condition. However, I can’t blame myself now for not knowing how to help them back then.

In these modern times of “advanced medical technology” and “better” diagnostics, our health conditions are NOT getting better. Our society has become too dependent on conventional medicine to heal us. The big question is, “Why have we become so dependent on a profession that has very little to do with healing?” The answer is our own ignorance about healing. Most of us were not raised with knowledge about how to heal. Make sure not to confuse “disease maintenance” (sick care of treating symptoms) with TRUE healing. Healing comes from experience and the innate wisdom of the body.

Fear, limiting beliefs, ignorance about TRUE healing, and societal conditioning has caused unnecessary suffering.  Our society puts so much importance on degrees and status, to the point where people no longer trust and hence “ignore” their own innate wisdom to heal. Therefore, people go down the wrong road in their efforts to heal. Healing can be delayed when we try to replace “innate” intelligence with “educated” intelligence.The good news is you don’t need a degree to heal yourself!!

It was not a degree that healed me. Most of the people who helped me in my healing journey did not have a degree. Sometimes, the more educated we get, the more stupid we become. With education, we may tend to over-analyze everything (ignoring inner wisdom) and wait for proof before we proceed. Although information is always valuable, our fears and erroneous beliefs may continue to negate the truth anyway, and waiting for proof about healing, can greatly delay the healing process. I would still be in a diseased state (or dead) if I wanted to wait for someone to furnish me with “proof” that healing is possible.

Many people have put all their faith in modern medicine, and as a result, have become victims of chronic disease. Our society put doctors on a pedestal. Because of the seeming success in the past with infectious disease we developed faith that modern medicine could ‘cure all.’ But I believe infectious disease has only ‘adapted’ into other diseases with a much s-l-o-w-e-r death – we now call it chronic disease with many various names! We have given our healing power away to modern medicine, which cannot truly heal. Thus, many people have given up their FREEDOM and power to control their own survival!”

You do not have to be a victim of chronic disease. There are two main causes to ALL disease, toxins and deficiencies. There are MANY natural healing remedies and therapies to help you remove toxins, restore nutritional levels and thus restore health. Thus, the name of your disease should NOT limit your ability to heal! ALL disease can be healed. I know this to be TRUE from first-hand experience, and healing myself of many named diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Immune Disorder Syndrome (CFIDS), angina (heart pains), fibromyalgia, depression, hypogylcemia, and bowel cancer. How is that for a resume?! Now, if I can heal all those diseases, so can you.

Hopefully, you are not waiting for research and scientific studies to reach a conclusion before you begin healing, because scientists will NEVER come to a conclusion about curing cancer or any other chronic diseases. There is too much money at stake. It would also bruise too many egos, they would have to admit their own ignorance about healing, where they were wrong, and that they not only ignored the truth, but also kept it HIDDEN from you. That’s why they don’t want you to know that there are already many natural curative remedies for cancer and every other chronic disease!

This is why you must become your own healing expert!

Make sure not to confuse belief (perception) with TRUTH. Scientific studies do not necessarily provide factual evidence or real proof about anything. Scientific studies are designed to sell drugs, and are mostly biased opinions or beliefs of outcomes that keep ever changing. Truth does not change! The truth is: it is your birthright to be healthy and your body has the innate ability and wisdom to heal itself. You are the single most important factor to healing yourself.  Healing chronic disease, including cancer, is not that mysterious. Scientist will never find the cure for cancer and other chronic diseases, because they won’t ever find YOU at the end of their microscopes!

Healing is not about ‘finding’ the cure. Healing is ‘realizing’ YOU are the cure!”

Problems occur when we make decisions based on “misperceptions” coming from fear and limiting beliefs or from biased information (scientific studies) based in ego and greed, all of which have nothing to do with True reality or healing.

Are you tired of being sick and tired? The only factors that separate those who still have ANY chronic disease, and those who have already healed themselves are: Knowledge, Belief, Faith and the Right Actions. Knowledge gives you the power, belief gives you the desire, faith gives you the strength, and the right actions give you the desired results. Learning first hand knowledge from your own healing experience will help you gain the belief and faith to continue your healing journey, because you will be acting from your own TRUE FACTS (results), instead of reacting to FEAR! You are your own best healer, but you just may not know it yet.

So, the question I have for you is:  “Are you ready for the biggest responsibility in your life? Do you have the courage to face your fears, the will to overcome your conditioning and ignorance about healing, and the desire to take the action required in order for True healing to take place?”

Author and healing practitioner Crystal Sage has healed herself without drugs or surgery, from a myriad of chronic and debilitating conditions, including Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Disorder (CFIDS), hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, depression, and cancer. She has been successfully helping others to reverse their dis-eases for almost 20 years.

Her dream and goal is to help as many people as possible reach optimal health, through her healing workshops, health coaching, personal healing sessions, newsletters, and her book, Heal Beneath the Surface. She is currently looking for sponsors for producing a nationwide radio show, who have the same vision of spreading the word about ‘True Healing Solutions.’ She wants to empower and teach YOU how to become your own best healer!


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